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China Railway O2O High Speed Train Stations

China Railway Development and investment group (Beijing) Co., Ltd which is registered both in Beijing and Hong Kong is organizing two O2O sites:


China Rail O2O

This first project focuses on products that aim at fun and happy family moments, such as:

  • gifts and souvenirs,

  • cosmetics,

  • clothing,

  • and others.


Construction Bank O2O and P2P

This second project instead focuses on elegant, fine, fashionable and trandy products, such as:

  • limited edition accessories and gifts,

  • organic products,

  • high fashion designer brands,

  • fair trade products,

  •  and delux brands.




Flagship Shops will be opened in Beijing.  They will become tourist hotspots. 

Brick-and-Mortar shops will be opened in High-Speed Rail Stations, Train Stations and Guangzhou MTR Stations.


China Railway Group Limited have a staff of 3 million people, retired staff of 3 million and their dependents of 4 million.

China Construction Bank has a total workforce of 100,000 people.

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