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HCPV Technology

T-Max Water Technology


Photovoltaic effect refers to the phenomenon that when certain materials are exposed to light, electrical energy will be produced. 

Our technology is developed by German and Swiss scientists. It has achieved an unprecedented efficient conversion rate of 99.98%.   This means fewer HCPV sets are needed to build to generate the amount of electricity required.  Just 60 sets of our HCPV can supply the electricity the whole Beijing city needs.  This is extremely cost effective and space saving, releasing precious land to other meaningful uses.  Mounted on a sun tracker, the solar panel follows the movement of the sun so as to achieve maximum electricity output. 


Our HCPV System is also light in weight so that they can be placed on roof top.  This attribute is essential for cities like Hong Kong

when land is so short in supply and tall buildings are densely erected above the ground.


We will test the followings:


  • Seasonal factors on HCPV performance like wind speed and irradiation amount;

  • Life span of the HCPV system;

  • Efficiency in generating electricity, instead of heat.


The HCPV supplies the electricity need for the Research Centre including T-Max Water Irrigation System and LED Grow Light System.

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