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Introduction 簡介

Located in the international node of the East and the West, Hong Kong carries a special strategic position in matters like transportation, cultural exchange, information dissemination, economic and financial activities.  With this background plus her urban nature make Hong Kong a perfect option for our Farming Technologies and the education of the public of green living and the respect for nature. 


Our Ecological Park is just by the side of our Agricultural Technologies Research Centre.  With the mission of educating the public.  We wish to make the public, both the corporates and the individuals, aware that corporate profit, ecological preservation, and social responsibility will not grow at the expense of the other.  They can co-exist.


We are in response to the claims from NOGs like UN, World Bank and WWF that the world will face food shortage by 2050.  Famine may result into social unrests, political unrests; wars and etc.


GHI, a private-sector agriculture group formed by multi-national companies like IBM and Du Pont.  "Countries need to prioritize agriculture and the growing of food in more sustainable methods,” It's Executive Director, Ms. Margaret Zeigler's saying,  “If we don't start now, we'll have a problem sooner, even by 2030."


Although the world is facing the food shortage, funding on agricultural technologies research is however decreasing. In our Ecological Park, we will implement the technologies developed in the Research Centre for daily life.  Even land supply is getting scarce,  by practicing City Farming, a densely populated city can still supply the greens they need.  Taking care of the well-being of our Earth when we are working hard to achieve economic growth and enjoy our wealth. Make Earth sustainable. The business carries out their social responsibilities. Everyone in this society offers solutions to social problems within his/her capability. Work together to achieve an inclusive society.




這個具有示範和教育意義的生態園就在我們的農業科技中心旁邊,讓大眾 – 企業和個人 – 瞭解到商業利益、環保和社會責任是可共存,沒有抵觸的。



由杜邦和IBM等國際機構所組成的GHI是一個關注世界農業生產的組織,其執行董事Margaret Zeigler說:“各國需要優先考慮農業和以更持續的方法增加糧食,否則問題(糧食短缺)會提早發生,可能是2030年。”


雖然世界正面對缺糧的問題,可是農業研究經費卻有減無增,這個生態園就是要把我門從農業科技園研發的城市種植和綠色生活模式帶到日常生活裡,在土地日益減少時,卻可在人煙稠密的城市種植,達到自給自足,並且在我們努力追求經濟增長和享受生活的同時,對我們這個家 – 地球 – 也關心愛護,讓世世代代可在美好的環境下生活成長,工商業體現他們在社區應有的責任,協力解決社會問題,達至一共容社會。

Ecological Park

生 態 園

Missions 使命

Build up a city model that the public and business corporates carry out their activities in a green and sustainable manner.  A harmonized society with quality living.    Sharing with the future generations the precious resources of our planet Earth.



City Farming – Advantages LED Plant Light & T-max Water

城市農耕 – 優點 LED種植燈 & T-max

LED plant light makes agricultural possible with the absence of sun light.  Allowing indoor large scale cultivation in a factory building possible:


* All environmental factors are under control, making agriculture possible under the most feasible conditions like right temperature, right wavelengths and the right soil without the disturbance of Nature’s cycle.  Cultivation can be carried out the whole year round.


–* No restriction by land supply.  Extension vertically


–* Stable supply with good quality


–* Reduce carbon emission as transport distance reduced by a large extent.


–* More vegetable growth in the same space as plants can be grown closer as LED produces less heat.


–* With strategical significance for the security of a city.




* –環境受控制,在最有利的條件下種植如適合的溫度、波長、土壤等,再加上帶能量的水,不受外在環境影響,達到一年四季種植


* 不受土地供應限制,向高空發展


–* 供應和質素穩定




* –LED種植燈制造少量的熱力,農作物與燈之間的距離比傳統的植物燈拉近,在較少的地方得到較多的產量


* 讓城市可自給自足,對於一個地方的安穩有策略性的意義

Our City Farming are divided into Indoor Farming and Outdoor Farming.  The use of LED Plant Light and T-MAX Water indoor is to practice City Farming.  Outdoor farming is to test the function of T-MAX water on plants.

Cultivation is divided into 4 categories:


–* Fruit Growing


–* Leafy Vegetable Growing


–* Vegetable Growing: Gourds and Tomatoes


–* Flowers Growing


According to research, agricultural produce can stay fresh for a longer time without refrigeration.  They can also better resist harsh weather.  Plants are stronger and with more biomass.


我們的耕作地點有室內和室外,在室內採用LED種植燈和T-MAX 水是實現城市耕種,在室外是實現T-MAX水在種植的應用。


–* 水果種植

* –蔬菜種植

–* 瓜果種植

–* 花朵種植


Introduce New Technologies to Daily Life   把科技引進生活

- Fruit Growing

Fruits are sweeter, brighter colour and more uniform in shape.

Strawberries grown in Cambridge, UK:

•10cm higher plant growth

•>30% more fruit bearing

•>17% higher yield


- 水果種植



- Leafy Vegetable Growing

Vegetables like lettuce and spinach with biomass increased by 205-130%


- 蔬菜種植

蔬菜如生菜、菠菜的生物量增加 20% - 130%

Indoor Farming - 室內種植
Indoor Farming - 室內種植

-Vegetable Growing:



物質增加 20% - 130%

-Flower Growing: 

First test on large scale flower growing. Expect bigger flower with brighter colour. Stay open longer.



將會是首次驗證在花朵的成效,預期是更鮮豔持久、更大和形狀更穩稱。瓜果如番茄和小胡瓜的生物質增加 20% - 130%

Indoor Farming - 室內種植
Club House - 俱樂部

Produce will be sold through our Club House. Boutique hotel is the regular customer. Participants in various activities organized inside the Ecological Park, in addition to facility users are customers to the Co-op. Produce harvested in the Park will also be sold to the retail segment.



Green Hangouts 


Escape from the hustle and bustle of a City

遠離煩囂 忙裡偷閒  休養生息


–* Boutique Hotel – 精品酒店

–* Resort Village  –度假屋

Boutique Hotel - 精品酒店

The boutique hotel is operated in Swiss Hotel Management Model and ecological concerns.   Our technologies will be applied to this hotel.  It is also a training ground:


HCPV supplies power to this hotel


T-Max Water System supplies drinking water to the hotel.  The water also used in HVAC.  According to research, HVAC can be operated with 25%+ less electricity.


City Farming Agricultural Product will be sold to the hotel through the Farm Co-op.  Customers can enjoy fresh, healthy vegetables and fruits.


Fresh Purified Air  Air inside the hotel will be filtered to remove airborne particles, bacteria, viruses, chemical gases and odors.  Guests enjoy a clean, healthy and green environment.











What the Boutique Hotel wants to achieve:


–- Apply green technologies to commercial level –


- Offer a green holiday resort to HK people –


- Venue for company meetings. People can relax much better in this countryside setting. With a clear and better thinking mind, meetings can be processed more efficiently. The relax environment is ideal for networking, to build up connection for better business cooperation. –


- An alternative lodging for visitors to HK. Instead of the highly urbanized landscape with skyscrapers. The facets of HK with greenery views, heritage from the past and tranquil nature.


–- Quality lodging for ecological tour participants.


–- Training ground for exchange students in Hotel Management from the East and the West. Students in Asia do not need to take a long trip to Switzerland but still able to acquire the world renowned hotel management skill of Switzerland. Students from the West can obtain work experience in Asia and serving oriental guests. –


- Offer job opportunities to the local community.







–提供一個綠色度假目的地給市民大眾 –


提供商務開會地點,在這郊外環境,讓人身心更舒暢,腦根更靈活,開會更有效率,也是聯誼的理想地點,令彼此合作更得心應手 –


提供另類酒店給訪港旅客,讓客人體驗一個寧靜帶田園風味的香港,更有效地恢復元氣 –提供優質住宿給生態園所舉辦的生態旅遊


–酒店管理學生中西交流地方,以瑞士的管理模式進行,讓本地和鄰近酒店管理學生不用長途跋涉就可以得到瑞士酒管的訓練;而西方學生也可在這裡得到東方經驗 –



Resort Village - 度假村

Environmental friendly buildings from old containers


The Resort villages with bungalows carefully converted from used containers fully align with the concept of green and sustainable living we want to educate the public. Designed to fit into the local environment.


The container resort houses exemplify with systematic categorization and renovation, once trash can be transformed into meaning use. The Village will be powered by electricity generated from HCPV, water from T-Max System, fresh purified air. A perfect hangout for holidays and weekends. A place with facilities and activities to regain strength, to cleanse the mind and the body.


Apart from participants of ecological tours, include business corporates, schools and individuals are customers to the resort.




園內設有以集裝箱硑湊而成的度假園地,充分的體現了環保概念,把已經棄置不用但依然完好無缺的集裝箱改變用途,以專業的設計、配合環境和需要打造出舒適的度假地方,符合生態園的概念,以環保可持續的方式營商和生活。 除了生態遊的住客外,度假村的客源有學校、公司和個別客戶。

Leisure & Commercial Farming
休 閒 & 商 業 耕 作

Fields are available for hire for leisure farming. A small portion is available for commercial farming. Tenants can sell their produce through the club house.


Seeds and organic fertilizers are available from our Park. In order to make sure organic farming is practised inside the Park. Tenants can only use the seed and fertilizers sold in the club house. Tenants can also provide service of attending to the fields. Tenants may buy this service to take care of their field when they are not available. 


Boutique Hotel is the regular customer of the Farm Club House. Other potential customers can be the hotel guests, resort guests and eco-tour participants.








Eco-Culture Tours 

生 態 文 化 旅 遊

Mother Nature


Growing up in a highly urbanized city like Hong Kong, most people here know only little about our Nature. Many cannot recognize what types of flowers and trees they are. Seldom see insects and animals living in the woods. Cannot recognize what birds they are flying in the sky and the creatures in the sea. Through our eco-tours, participants can understand more about Nature and re-establish the connection between Nature and human beings. From their love to Nature, thus generate an urge to protect it. Produce the least carbon footprint so that our future generations can enjoy a healthy Earth. Locates in the countryside, with the least light pollution. The ecological Park is a perfect spot for stargazing. In addition to astrological knowledge, participants will be taught with the importance of ecological conservation.




香港人大多數都在城市長大,對自然生態如花草樹木、叢林田間的昆蟲走獸、天空中的飛鳥、水裡的各樣生物,不但不認識,在現實生活裡也可能從來沒有看過, 透過接觸,重啟與大自然的聯繫,從心裡明白到保持生態平衡的重要,在日常生活實踐低炭行為,讓我們居住的地球可以以美好的狀態下保留,為下一代留下一個理想的居所,同時把這種綠色生活延續下去。 坐落在郊外,瞥除了光害,漆黑的環境盡顯夜空裡的繁星,所以晚上觀星是一個很好的活動,除了增加天文知識外,也可向大眾講解城市污染。



Content of Eco-Culture Tours –

Natural Landscape –

Historical Heritage –

Agricultural Technologies

–Eco-Cycling – Zero carbon emission


Purposes –

- Offer quality activities to city people –

- Motivates public to love and respect our Nature

–- Training ground for Eco-Tour Guide Students –

- Create job opportunities

–- Care of business corporates to the nature and local     community















生態旅遊的內容 –

大自然 –

歷史遺跡文化 –

農業科技 –

單車樂 – 無碳交通


目的 –

- 提供舒暢身心靈的優質活動給城市人 –

- 引導大眾向大自然產生愛護和尊重 –

- 生態導遊實習 –

- 提供區內就業機會 –實踐商業機構對社區的關懷


History and Culture

Not many Hongkongese know about the history of Hong Kong. The Eco-Culture Tours take participants to the monuments near to the hotel. Through understanding of the past, build up a stronger connection with the place they live. Motivate local people to protect the ecology of Hong Kong, their home. Declared monuments include Lik Wing Tong Study Hall, Tang Kwong U Ancestral Hall, Tang Ching Lok Ancestral Hall , Cheung Chun Yuen, So Lau Yuen.




















對香港的歷史,一般的香港人都瞭解甚少,探索附近的文化古跡,對本地產生更大的認識和聯繫,增加個人對香港這個家的情懷,推動保育心態。 附近有法定古跡如力榮堂書室、周王二公書院、廣瑜鄧公祠、清樂鄧公祠、長春園、泝流園等。


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