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Foshan Sino European City

Sino-Euro Electronic Commerce City is occupied by overseas and local e-businesses. Hundreds of e-business enterprises work round the clock online:  physical E-mall with an area over 200 square metres provide exhibition and sales area for companies with import and export operations.


China-Europe Electronic Commerce City is a transaction ground which shops can sell their products 24 hours round the clock. Customers can experience the fun of shopping by visiting their physical shops.



  1. Customs Declaration and Quarantine Services: The E-Commerce City is facilitated with the presence of import-export declaration companies providing convenient service. Customs declaration will be simplified by the direct access to Customs System.

  2. Logistic and Warehouse Services: With the space of over 200,000 square meters, the warehouse can be reached in 5 minutes from the E-Commerce City. This warehouse offers competitive rates for storage, loading and discharge.

  3. Cross-Border Payment: With the cooperation of PayPal, Alipay, China E-Pay, etc. The E-Commerce City provides reliable payment methods to both E-Commerce business and consumers.

  4. Financial Facilities: The E-Commerce City will provide services of banking, guarantor and small-loan services.  Tenants are provided with convenient funding facilities. On-line financial facilities like p2p will be introduced into the E-Commerce City.

  5. ERP & API System: A number of first rate domestic research institutes will be located inside the E-Commerce City. They can provide sound IT support to tenants.

  6. Training and Culture: Professional E-Commerce Training Schools can nurture talents in this discipline.

  7. Legal Advice and Secretarial Service: Assist tenants on tax license application and provide all-round professional service. Consumer rights re protected by the implimentation of Lecong Indemnity Fund. Well-known secretarial service will be introduced to provide contract our service to tenants.

  8. Public Services: Heart-felt property management, 24-hour patrol by security guards, 360 degree Electronic Intelligent Security Monitor System.


Funding to the construction of China-Europe Electronic Commerce City is expected to exceed RMB 120 million. It is 1 of the 3 most important projects in overhauling Foshan. Foshan New City Government and Lecong Town Government will formulate policies to facilitate the business operations in the E-Commerce City. This include rent subsidies, tax rebate, and innovation rewards. Provide support to Customs, Declaration, Taxation, Financing and Logistics.

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