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Shenzhen Yantian Lotte Mall

Since the planning of Shenzhen for transformation and upgrading of bonded area in 2010, China EIC seizes the uncommon opportunity and tremendous mission of the times, reils on bonded import function, advantageous geographical location, developed regional economy in Schenzhen and soaring domestic consumer market of imported commodities, thorough investigation and learning from well establishes business model of leading domestic market of imported commodities in bonded area, integrates updated eccorce technology and O2O model, invests a lot of money to transform and upgrade of Elite technology building, its proprietary assest, to construct the top exibition & trade center of imported commodities in South of China integrating exhinition, business, trade, logistics and finance, creates an innovative business model O2O international trade consisting of physical store plus online store trade platforms, and unveils a new epoch of compound innovative platform for one-stop international bonded trade & exibition of import commodities.

The main building is connected with annexed buildings with corridors and skywalks. The main building is a 7-floor complex with a constuction area of 62,900 square metres.

Function distribution:

  • 1F:       warehousing, exibition and major business events

  • 3F-6F:  trading of famous brends, premium and special products from various countries or regions, mainly of imported wines, foods,                maternal and infant supplies, household articles, cosmetics and imported luxuries.

  • 7F:        office area and rooftop gareden


Annex Building: multi-funtional international apartment club for business activities and leisure, a 4-floor building with construction area of 8,030 square meters. Its basic function includes exibition of wine culture, fitness and health. Here, the inevestors settled are provided with perfect life facilities and high-quality life space.

The products are imported from more than 40 countries or regions including France, UK, Italy, USA, Hungary, Austria, NZ, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

There are 6 major imported commodities:  imported food, imported wines, imported maternal and infant supplies, imported household articles and imported luxuries. The EIC will provide 1.3 billion Chinese consumers, especially high-end ones, with safe, quality, wholesome and fashionable world-class collections.

In the map you can see the location of Shenzhen Yantian Lotte Mall (EIC):

The surrounding area of the Shenzhen Yantian Lotte Mall (EIC):

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