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Agricultural Technologies and Green Living 


Economic development has expanded at the expense of our Earth’s sustainability and the world is experiencing the backwash of this. Increasing human footprints have resulted in increasing emission of carbon dioxide which causes green-house effects. Food shortage, droughts and other environmental issues are encroaching into our lives. If we do not actively do something to counteract these greenhouse effects, they will become irreversible.


For this reason, introducing T-max Technology and Swiss Caviar House (Asia) Limited join hands in the research on Agricultural Technologies by studying the 2 most essential elements to plant growth namely Water and Light in an organic environment. The aim is to improve agricultural yields by unlocking and harnessing the powers of nature. Working in harmony with nature to solve the toughest problems the world is facing that are affecting the well-beings of our generation and those to come. Implement future technologies to present time. Embrace economic development with cost effective solutions and at the same time enjoy a green and sustainable planet. 

Green energy is also employed in this project.  We have developed a highly efficient HCPV (high concentrating photovoltaics system).  Making use of nature’s gift, our HCPV system converts 99.98% sun energy into electricity which is supplied to the whole Centre including the pumping system for T-Max Water and the LED Plant Light System. 


The world is facing food shortage.  By 2050, we will not have enough food to feed the world if productivity remains the same according to Global Harvest Initiative.  "Countries need to prioritize agriculture and the growing of food in more sustainable methods," Margaret Zeigler, Executive Director of Global Harvest Initiative argued. "If we don't start now, we'll have a problem sooner, even by 2030."


Through our research, we wish to develop a sustainable system to improve agricultural productivity significantly.  Solve problems that human beings in the past and present created by exploiting our Earth.  Bring hopes and possibilities to our future generations. 




Our project involves three technologies:


Our purpose is to improve life quality with sustainable solutions.  T-Max Water and LED Grow Light are tested in open fields as well as in a green-house environment.


To gauge the efficiency of our technologies, controlled fields without any application of T-Max Water and LED Grow Light are maintained to test against the results of those with mentioned technologies applied to.


There is a research laboratory in the Research Centre, it is the place where scientists evaluate data they collected and find out protocols of light and water application for agriculture of different plant, and to further refine our technologies. 


The Centre is open to public on appointment.  Visitors can try farming on the fields which we reserve for public education.  This also disseminates ecological conservation ideas to the general public, making them aware of the consequence of irresponsible actions which may cause irreversible damages to our Earth. The Centre helps to promote the idea of green living. 





According to the World Bank, the world needs to produce at least 50% more food to feed 9 billion people by 2050. 


Organic farming with T-Max Water and LED Grow Light allows a faster production, with better and bigger yields and with a constant supply of good quality.  It is now possible to cultivate in places where before it wasn't feasible. Cities can supply greens to their population.  Moreover, the shorter transport distant means fresher food at competitive prices. 


Our technologies make large scale City Farming possible.  Quality and supply are guaranteed.  Enjoy growth and better life without giving burden to our nature and future generations.  Together with the use of renewable and sustainable power converted from solar energy, this establishes a model of living for tomorrow. 



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