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T-Max Water Technology


Water has lost its energy because of greenhouse effects and pollutions. T-Max releases the fullest potential of water by reverting water to its original state.  Kiko water improves the efficiency in turning around inputs into products.  Productivity is improved.  In agriculture, we can enjoy better yields with less irrigation water and fertilizers.


The technolgy has enormous interest in using green technologies to address environmental issues. With his research experience in NASA Space and Nobel winner Programme, he unlocked the mysteries of water.  He discovered water has lost its energy and does not vibrate as fast as it did.  By making it vibrate faster, water is energized and can work harder and better for us.  Results show there is significant increase in agricultural yields with the use of T-Max Water.  This leads to faster growth and healthier products, less pathogen and pest damages.


T-Max Technology uses natural materials to activate water.  The whole process is ecological friendly.


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Torsion Field Theory 

In 1987, the Russian National Academy of Sciences claimed that using the “Torsion Generator” to significantly change the Soviet Union’s weather and guarantee the harvest of grain, it formed a committee to investigate the torsion field. The investigation concluded that the experiment was based on the Russian scholar Shipov’s proposal. The theory of torsion field is full of mathematical errors and absurd statements. According to experiments done by scientists in many countries, if the faltering field is not absent, “the most sensitive detector at present cannot detect the presence of Torrsion field”. 

The birth of Torsion Field Theory is based on the tremendous latent kinetic energy stored in water.  The technology is Energy Delivery System which energizes or activates water.  Energized water vibrates faster and improves agricultural performance, we will see plants:


  1. Grow faster and stronger in plantation

  2. Absorb water more efficiently and naturally

  3. Have faster absorption of nutrients from soils and fertilizers

  4. With improved ability for photosynthesis

  5. With less pathogen and seafood or poultry damage

  6. Flourish with less irrigation water

  7. Environmental Recovery



Our Research team has tested the benefits of T-Max water on poultry, seafood plantation, water treatment in industries and domestic purposes within Taiwan, China and Asia region. In addition, test on T-Max water together with the use of LED Plant Light developed by us will also be carried out.

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